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  • Ara Fernezian

Weathering the Storm : a message from the heart to my colleagues in the events industry

I wrote this blog from the heart to all of you and I’m sure many of you will relate especially during these challenging moments.

We dedicated our life to serve and make an impact in this world. we are driven by passion and courage to make a difference in this world - and this is why most of us joined this industry.

Most of the time we go out of our way to grow and create new markets, promote cities and companies even individuals, influence decision makers, drive conversations, help realize visions, drive tourism, entertain and create experiences beyond imaginations .. you name it .. most of the time we lead from behind but our purpose is way beyond getting recognized.

Some of of us are highly educated and some of us hardly finished college what brings us together is our love and passion to what we create every single day and the value we create to our customers and our unmatched skills that even robots in the future can’t compete with us - instead we will use them to create a better value.

We are called the crazies, the risk-takers, the entrepreneurs... we roll carpets in the evening and we shake hands with Presidents in the morning. We live under stress most of the time and our work is full of uncertainties but what makes us grow forward and wake up in the morning is simply our love and passion to serve our customers with what we do and create.

We may decide at some point to leave our companies, become redundant, retire or lose our jobs ... BuT we will always remain loyal and committed to our MICE Communities .. and eventually we will find our ways to move forward on how to serve and create value.

This is why we can’t be called even freelancers - I came up with a word instead FreeMicers :-) if one day we decide to work independently and from home. We are unique, fearless, passionate people .. and certainly resilient (otherwise we would have left it long time ago).

For the ones who are now concerned about the future of our industry and our jobs due to COVID19 disruption - remember that we weathered many storms and dealt with many challenges - we always found our way to excel, what most important is right now is our health, so take good care of it.

Our solidarity in these days is key to each other. Let’s all have empathy and care for the ones who are living in anxiety, facing burnout, sick and tired or concerned whether they can cope or not with this digital transformation or simply annoyed by the ones who claim they suddenly understand what do cause they have some digital knowledge (Hold your horses guys!)

- Put your anger, ego, fear and arrogance away. Trust me all you need now, faith, keep learning and don‘t worry you will find your way as you always did as far as your love to the industry is solid .

My best wishes to all

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