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  • Ara Fernezian

Is the events industry going through an early shakeout? Or it’s just a seasonal flu?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

We are certainly witnessing the awakening of a new era. I believe things won’t be the same Before-Corona & After-Corona.

MICE 4.0

For many years most of us were debating how to progress, drive measurable and high value to our customers since their needs evolved/changed faster than our industry.

the consequence of this pandemic will push everyone to go beyond their comfort & it will accelerate the innovation process (radically), we will witness serious R&D investments, new tech jobs will be created & possibly wider collaboration amongst leading organizers might take place to cope with the future of our industry.

We should ask ourselves are we in a business of rolling carpets or connecting people 'relationship brokers". if the latter, we should think beyond the form & focus on our core mission “to drive valuable contacts and content to our customers” without being obsessed with what we know only? We are going through an exciting and difficult period of disruption (I hope it won’t be as harsh as Nokia vs Apple.)

We all proved over the years that resilience, adaptability and creativity are part of our DNA and servicing our customers is a true passion but some of us were trapped and forgot their true nature and what we do for living. This is the awakening period of our industry and I am so excited to see how it will evolve to possibly become a tech-driven face2face meeting industry MICE 4.0 😉

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